Save time, money and enjoy healthy outcomes with regular maintenance of your septic tank and lagoon.

Mid-Missouri homeowners should be aware the best indicator of the future performance of a septic tank & lagoon is how conscientiously standard maintenance is performed on the system. Also good to know…Columbia, Jefferson City and Fulton residents can supplement this routine effort with a professional inspection from Peace of Mind Home Inspections that will identify potential problems before they become a major issue.

Here’s why regular maintenance of a septic tank & lagoon is the best way to go!

Save Big!

The cost of regularly maintaining a tank & lagoon is a fraction of the prohibitive fees incurred for repairing or replacing a malfunctioning system. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, a financial investment of $250 to $500 every three to five years can prevent an outlay of between $3,000 and $7,000 to make major repairs or replace a conventional septic system. Costs can be even higher for alternative systems.

The size of the septic system and factors such how many people inhabit the house impact the frequency of pumping required so maintenance schedules should be tailored to the homeowner’s specific circumstances.

Added Value!

A septic tank or lagoon that needs major repairs and/or is unusable negatively impacts property values. The EPA advises the situation can even signify potential liability legally which can prove very costly for strapped homeowners. To protect your property values and insure you aren’t incurring legal risk, make routine maintenance of the septic system a priority.

Healthy Outcomes!

A sluggish or broken system can lead to inadequately treated wastewater containing high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus and disease-causing bacteria. In turn, this can lead to groundwater contamination which can threaten the general health and even spread disease to the homeowners, neighbors and animals in the vicinity. Septic systems that are operating a below-par levels can even sully nearby surface waters adversely affecting recreational use. A properly-maintained system is almost always reliably able to efficiently handle these pollutants.

Environmentally friendly!

Ground water that is contaminated by untreated household wastewater is a threat to safe drinking water and, by extension, to the overall environment. Faulty septic systems discharge undesirable pollutants – bacteria, viruses, and chemicals – into the ground. These pollutants can wreak havoc with local ecosystems. An efficiently operating septic system contributes to a greener, more sustainable community.


Proactive Mid-Missouri homeowners recognize it actually pays to address septic system problems before they surface. To save time, aggravation and money, and to make sure all is right with your septic tank & lagoon, contact Peace of Mind Home Inspections to schedule a professional inspection today.

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